Speak Clearly with Throat Discs® lozenges. Throat Discs bathe your throat to cure hoarseness from overuse, dry cough, dry mouth, excessive phlegm, mucous, tickles, and that frog in the throat feeling.

"I used these for years during my radio career. Every disc jockey and TV anchor should have a box in their desk... "

Soothing Sore Throats For Over 50 years!

Compare and enjoy the generous size of the Throat Discs package... each box contains over 40 lozenges! Enough to allow you to share Throat Discs with friends, clergymen, choirs, lead singers, speakers, smokers, and folks with hoarseness, cracked voices, strained vocal chords, a weak voice from overuse, dry mouth, dry throat, phlegm, mucus, tickles, frogs, and that lump in throat feeling. Throat Discs remedy constant clearing of the throat and night time dry cough so you can sleep, sing and speak in comfort. Throat Discs Soothe your dry mouth and relieve throat tickles - use them to cure the irritation of phlegm in throat, dry mouth and throat, smoking or any other circumstance that calls for a soothing herbal lozenge to help you speak clearly. Broadcasters, announcers, sports commentators, clergymen, choral groups, choirs, lead singers, speakers, vocalist, smokers, drill sergeants, teachers, and everyone else that needs a clear voice all love Throat Discs.

Sleep, speak, sing with comfort and confidence - Throat Discs Soothe!

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Bathe your throat with the soothing herbal essence of Throat Discs Lozenges. They melt in your mouth to help you speak with a clear voice. Cure hoarseness, cracking voice, dry mouth and remedy throats that suffer from excessive phlegm, mucus, tickles, frogs, and that lump in throat feeling. Relieve constant clearing of the throat, hoarseness and night time dry cough so you can sleep, sing and speak in comfort. Throat Discs will help relieve dry mouth while sleeping and improve the clarity of your voice during the day.

Throat Discs lozenges are thin baked discs designed to fit comfortably in the mouth and allow a slow dissolving action which bathes the throat with a slightly spicy yet soothing blend of licorice and other herbs and aromatic oils. Small enough to fit unobtrusively between the cheek and gum you can even use Throat Discs while speaking! Users find Throat Discs provide relief from dry mouth, dry throat and resulting minor soreness and discomfort, and act to stimulate the production of saliva for an extended time which helps moisten the mouth, clear the throat of phlegm, mucus, tickles, frogs, diminish hoarseness, and the feeling of a lump in the throat that leads to constant swallowing. The herbal blend in Throat Discs lozenges also relieves the pain of minor oral irritations by numbing the mouth and throat. Throat Discs are especially enjoyed by those who suffer from stomach upset after using harsh lozenges because the herbs in Throat Discs help to settle the stomach, relieve minor indigestion and reduce throat irritation from acid reflux. If you use your voice for a living you should always carry Throat Discs.

Throat Discs soothe dry mouth and dry scratchy itchy throats. Used by TV Anchors, Radio Announcer's, DJ's to clear throats before performing, relieve a cracked voice, hoarseness, dry mouth or tickles in the throat from phlegm, mucous, allergies, pollen, dust, or cigarette smoke, these long lasting herbal lozenges provide relief for sore throat and hoarseness from over use of the voice. Throat discs are reccomended for everyone who speaks for long periods of time such as pastors, priests, preachers and other clergymen and are treatment to help prepare the voice for such exertions. Trusted by politicians, PR representatives, and other public speakers, Throat Discs are a comfort to occasional laryngitis sufferers and give the assurance of a clear voice.

Discomfort from dry mouth is reduced by soothing Throat Discs Lozenges and when taken at bedtime Throat Discs help avoid itchy phlegm throat and night time dry mouth while sleeping. Singers and vocalists use Throat Discs to clear their throats prior to performances and to help control mucus and phlegm in the back of their throat [sometimes called post nasal drip throat]. Those who suffer allergies use Throat Discs to relieve itchy scratchy throats from the irritation of pollen, dust and air pollution. Throat Discs are a blessing for choirs, and all others who rely on a clear voice. Take a box to choir practice!